Vidéos d'anglais


* Vidéos d'anglais *






We are the alphabet

Numbers Song

The big numbers Song

Counting by 10





What time is it ?

Time with minutes

The Greetings Song

What's your name ?





Learn Colors ! SONG

Colors and numbers

Colors fruits objects

Colored animals





Nature Color Song

Months of the year

Days of the week SONG

How are you today ?





Hello, how are you ?


The felings song

Emotions 1





Emotions 2

How's the weather ?

The seasons song

My family





Family song

Learn Body Parts !

Body parts 1

Body parts 2





You've got eyes...

School vocabulary !

Verbs in classroom

Learn home/House 1





Learn home/House 2

Learn clothing 1

Learn clothing 2

What do you like ?





English vocabulary food

The breakfast

Vocabulary drinks

I like food : SONG





What do you like to do ?

Colors and animals

Animals song

At the zoo





On the farm


Where is it ?

On In Under By





In front of Behind Between


In the pencil case

School equipment





Une salle de classe

Tous à l'école

Les outils de l'école 1

Les outils de l'école 2